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Omuti Kreativ is a social enterprise. All profits generated go directly to the affiliated social projects. Omuti Kreativ was founded by two Ugandan artists: Adnan Senkumba and Rogers Williams Mpaata aka Otako. For over a decade, the two artists have used creative arts with a focus on theater, film and story telling to address burning social issues and spark social dialogue with people across Uganda. 2015 marked a turning point in the pair's artistic work. That's when they partnered with policymakers to launch the End Child Trafficking Campaign Uganda. The campaign was a grassroots movement that raised awareness about the dangers of child and human trafficking in Uganda and used creative methods to empower children and youth, as well as adults and communities, and help them take action against trafficking in their own social environments. The success of this campaign inspired Rogers Williams Mpaata aka Otako and Adnan Senkumba to co-found the social enterprise Omuti Kreativ in 2018.

The organization aims to provide children and youth in Uganda with safe and free learning spaces for creative arts, counseling and cultural exchange. In addition, children, youth and other vulnerable groups, such as survivors of human trafficking, are given access to information about social justice, basic human rights and freedom of expression. 

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